About Us

Stargazing-FamilyFor thousands of years, humankind has gazed in wonder at both the vast expanses of the heavens, and the intricate details of the microscopic world around us.  The magic and mystery of things beyond our natural eyesight adds spice and excitement to our existence on this planet.  Who hasn’t longed to see the surface of the moon up close?  Or to observe far off animals as if they were right in front of you?  Or to peer into the intricate cellular structures of microscopic life forms?  These things bring us joy and fascination.


Our mission at FidelityOptics.com is to help make these normally veiled worlds visible to you – up close and personal.  We’ve made it easy for you to find and buy the very best optical devices – whether it be a telescope, a microscope, or some other vision enhancing product – at the very best price available.  Every day, we scrutinize the inventories of the world’s top manufactures and suppliers, and assemble them here into a collection of the best products for all types of purpose, and for every level of budget.


Family StargazingWe are a small, family owned business based in Salt Lake City, UT.  Our close close relationships with top manufacturers around the world allow us to offer you the best products at the best prices, while our small size and family owned business values allow us to give our customers some of the best personalized support and customer service in the industry.


We love to get to know our customers personally.  Connect with us on your favorite Social Network so we can keep in touch and get to know each other better!


We hope you’ll enjoy your shopping experience with us today, and are excited to share in this marvelous journey with you!