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The Strike 900 PRO is the base model of Levenhuk’s¬†Strike PRO series, which is designed for experienced astronomers. ¬†This telescope features a high-quality achromatic lens that is¬†designed to limit the effects of chromatic and spherical aberration, bringing different wavelengths into focus in the same plane. ¬†The 90-mm (3.5-in) objective lens also allows you to see all the wonders of the universe, from Solar System planetary observations, to deep-sky objects, including stars of up to 11.8 stellar magnitude. ¬†The optics are fully multi-coated, and gather and transmit enough light for an extremely bright and crisp view of celestial objects. ¬†In addition, the eyepieces that are supplied in the kit are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and¬†significantly¬†expand the capabilities of your telescope. ¬†The T-thread on the focuser allows you to attach a camera to your telescope through a special adapter (purchased¬†separately), so you can¬†capture¬†the most amazing scenes during your observations.

Designed for experienced¬†astronomers, the tube is set up on a German equatorial mount EQ2, which includes slow-motion controls. ¬†Equatorial mounts are made to facilitate easier tracking of celestial objects than altazimuth mounts are capable of. ¬†It has special settings that allow you to point your telescope at a celestial object using the object’s celestial coordinates. ¬†It also actually compensates for the Earth’s daily rotation with just a turn of a slow-motion control. ¬†You can even install an equatorial computerized drive system! ¬†The mount is situated on an adjustable tripod that includes an accessory tray.
All Strike PRO telescopes come with a kit of useful extras that allow you to venture even deeper into the cosmos during your astonomical observations.  The kit includes everything you need to get the most from your telescope, including printed materials, a compass, additional eyepieces, planetarium software, a 6.3-millimeter (1/4-inch) Plössl eyepiece, a set of lunar and solar filters, a 2x Barlow lens and a waterproof Zongo 80 Telescope Case.  No other telescope comes with so many extras included in its standard kit, making the Levenhuk Strike 900 PRO Telescope even more appealing for astronomers who are ready to learn more about the universe around them.  Everything you need is included, and you can begin observing the mysteries of space right after unpacking your new telescope!

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